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The Town of Barre is proud to announce that our Town Common will be featured as the logo on the Berkshires to Boston jersey that more than one hundred riders wear on a four day, 240 mile bike tour that crosses Massachusetts from the New York border to downtown Boston.  Barre has been a destination stop along the tour since 2013.  The organizer of the Berkshires to Boston Bicycle Tour, Gary Briere of River’s Edge Cycling LLC, had the following to say about the Town of Barre and using the Barre Common on the 2016 jersey:

"We're excited to introduce our new jersey for this year.  It features one of our rider's favorite stops along the tour, the beautiful common in Barre, MA.  The town of Barre goes out of their way to welcome our riders.  They open up the restrooms at the town hall, welcome us in for lunch in the many restaurants along Main St. and generally demonstrate the warm hospitality that is so evident in all our little communities along the way.   This year's jersey features Barre's flag-flying town hall and Main St. on the edge of the common.  A few bikes lean against the white fence and, of course, our ever-present mascot, Sprocket is there to welcome riders.   Like the Hancock Shaker Village and Zakim Bridge jerseys, the Barre Common is sure to be a popular addition to our rider's wardrobe."

Below is the final product of how the Barre Common on the jersey.