At the Cemetery Commission meeting held on February 23, 2012, the following guidelines and rates were updated and approved:

  • A minimum of a five-day notice for burials in Town Cemeteries is required

  • No burials allowed on Sundays unless approved by the Commission (additional charge

    may apply)

  • No burials from November 1 to April 1

  • No grave openings unless permitted by weather conditions and approved by the Cemetery Commission

  • Headstones will not be allowed to be installed until the family has checked with the Cemetery Commission or one of the Commissioners


Lot 3.5 X 10 (A Lot) 1/2 Lot

Lot 7 X 10 (A/B Lot) Dual Lot

Open/Close Grave Full Burial

(Depending if fully dug by machine or labor needed to hand dig)

Cremation Open/Close Grave
Marking and installing of 4 corner lot markers

$600 to $800

$125 $40