Cemetery Rules

At the Cemetery Commission (the “Commission”) meeting held on April 22, 2021, the following guidelines were updated and approved:
1.    NOTICE.  A five-day notice for burials in Town Cemeteries is requested.
2.    BURIALS.
      (a)        Sunday burials must be approved by a Commission member.  An additional charge will apply.
      (b)        Year-round burials, “if possible and practicable”, except on Thanksgiving and Christmas; weather permitting and at the discretion of the Commission
                   and, if any additional costs are incurred, it is incurred by the client/family/lot owner.
      (c)         Each A Lot (3-1/2 x 10) may contain one full burial or three cremation burials.  Two cremation burials may be added at the head of an A Lot already
                   containing one casket burial.
      (d)        Green burials are governed by their own separate rules and regulations and are in place, as approved by the Cemetery Commission.
3.    VAULTS.  Vaults are required, but not provided by the Cemetery Department; except at an authorized green burial site.
4.    MONUMENTS.  Unless otherwise allowed by the Cemetery Commission based on individual circumstances, the maximum size permitted is as follows:
       (a)        4 grave lot wide – up to 6 feet x 1 foot
       (b)        2 grave lot wide – up to 4 feet x 1 foot
       (c)        1 grave lot wide (single) – 2 feet x 1 foot
       (d)        Monuments may not exceed 66 inches in height.
       (e)        Monuments must be approved by any clerk/administrator or member of the Cemetery Commission prior to installation.
       (f)         Monuments and their foundations must be installed by a monument company.
       (g)        The grave owner and/or family is responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of the monument.
5.    PLANTINGS.  Only flower plantings are allowed up to 12” in front of the headstone.
                              (NO TREES, SHRUBS OR BUSHES ARE ALLOWED TO BE PLANTED.)
6.    DECORATIONS.  All summer decorations must be removed by October 1st and all winter decorations must be removed by April 1st.  Otherwise, they will be
       removed at the discretion of the Town.
7.    HOURS.  Cemeteries are open during daylight hours only.
8.    DOGS/ANIMALS.  No dogs/animals are allowed in the Cemeteries.
9.    PARKING.  Parking is for cemetery visitors only.