Put it in the Trash Can!

Put trash in the trash can, not the toilet

What does "flushable" really mean? It means that it will fit down the toilet bowl, not that it is safe for sewers or will actually biodegrade in the sewer system. Sewer pipes and treatment plants were only designed to handle toilet paper so when it comes to flushing, the only trash allowed down the toilet should be toilet paper, which disinigrates.

Helpful Hint: Use the four "P's" to help people remember the only things that should be flushed: Pee, Poo, Puke and Paper (toilet paper, that is).

When it comes to disposal...

Drains, toilets and trash cans are not all the same. Disposing of trash down drains and toilets can lead to sewer overflows and back-ups that can cause harm to human health and our local environment. 

In the kitchen

  • grease & produce stickers = trash
  • food = compost or yardwaste bins, or a garbage disposal.

Grease sticks to household and sewage pipes. Over time, grease build-up will block the entire pipe and result in raw sewage backing up into your home or overflowing into the street or waterway. Follow these four simple steps to keep things running smoothly.

  • Don't put produce stickers down the drain.
  • Don't put grease, fats, or oil of any type down your drain or garbage disposal.
  • Do use baskets or strainers in sink drains to catch food scraps and other solids and empty them into the trash or compost them.
  • Do scrape grease and food scraps from cooking surfaces into a container and put in the trash can, or compost them.

In the bathroom

Think trash not toilets. Flushing the wrong thing down the toilet damages your household plumbing, your environment and the wastewater treatment system. If it isn't from your body or toilet paper, put it in the trash instead of the toilet.

So how can I save money?

Trash disposed of down the drains or toilet has to be removed from the wastewater which costs thousands of dollars in treatment which is a cost that is reflected back to you as the user. Once it has been removed from the wastewater the trash is then disposed of in the landfill anyway. Save money, eliminate the middle process, toss it in the trash.