2023 Election information

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Questions pertaining to Elections, Nomination Papers or Voter Registration/Status can be directed to the Town Clerk by calling 978-355-2504 ext 5.  or emailing  clerk@townofbarre.com

We respectfully ask that observers register 48 hours in advance by emailing clerk@townofbarre.com or calling the office at (978) 355-2504 ext 5.  Masks are optional.

Interested in becoming an Election Worker?  Contact the Town Clerk for more information!



Chapter 55 of Mass General Law governs the financing of political campaigns in Massachusetts. The statue requires that candidates and political committees disclose all contributions received and expenditures made. There are various limitations and prohibitions on certain sources of campaign contributions. Additionally, the manner in which campaign funds may be spent is regulated by this statue along with guidelines established by the Office of Campaign and Political Finance.

Chapter 28 of the Acts of 2009 made changes to the Campaign Finance Law requiring City and Town Clerks to post Campaign Finance Reports for candidates and ballot question committees when there has been $1,000 or more in activity. 

These reports, and reports for political campaigns with under $1,000 in activity, are filed in the Town Clerk's office and are available to the public.

Statement of Organization (M101)

  • Any public employee who runs for elective office and will raise funds must have a committee organized on their behalf
  • MGL Chapter 55, section 13 prohibits paid state, county, city or town employees, from political fundraising, even for their own campaign 
8th day Preceding Election Reports Must be Filed by:

  • All candidates/treasurers appearing on ballot
  • Treasurers for ballot question committees
Year end reports must be filed by:

  • All incumbents
  • All candidates/treasurers whose name appeared on ballot regardless of outcome
  • Treasurers of active ballot question committees
  • Treasurers of all other active candidate committees


What is Required for Filing with the Town Clerk? 

  • M 102 is required for all candidates who HAVE received contributions, made expenditures (includes those who have spent their own money); or incurred obligations during the reporting period, or DO have a campaign fund in existence (balance). 
  • Receipts of $50 or more must be itemized alphabetically on Schedule A; Candidates required to file an M 102 should disclose the disposition of assets as receipts on Schedule A
  • Expenditures of $50 or more must be itemized alphabetically on Schedule B
  • Any donations made of value (other than money) of $50 or more must be itemized on Schedule C
  • Schedule D is a cumulative schedule of ALL debts as of the last day of the reporting period
  • Click here for detailed information
  • M102-0 for candidates who HAVE NOT received contributions, made expenditures, or incurred obligations during the reporting period and DO NOT have a campaign fund in existence (balance).

The 30th day after election report is no longer required for communities who have adopted a city form of government with elections in November.

Dissolution of Committee: Treasurers are required to retain a detailed account of receipts for 6 years from the date of the relevant election.