Circa 1952 (L-R) 1. James B. Murphy 2.Joseph G."Cakey" Buchinskas 3.Richard A. Mason 4.Philip Moss 5."Monte" Cornacchia 6.Joseph J. Celona (Deputy Chief) 7.Lewis E. Wells Jr. 8.Joe Flemming (Chief) 9.Buck Thompson 10.Bennie Gulino 11.Charlie Potter 12.Francis D. Murphy 13.George H. "Red" Messier 14.Sylvio J. Landry

History of the Barre Police Department

The Barre Police Department was established in 1927 under the command of Chief James A. Dwinell. Officers of the Barre Police Department were then part-time only. Officers of the time usually had a full-time career outside of Law Enforcement and served the community as required. In those days officers were required to supply their own firearms. It wasn't until the late 1960's/early 70's that the Barre Police Department employed full-time officers. This is a picture of Barre Officers taken on Memorial Day 1952, in front of the Civil War Monument located on Barre's North Common.