List of Records Access Officers (RAO)

All questions and non-public records requests should be directed to individual departments using their department specific email addresses.


Super-RAO-1: Town Administrator/Select Board/Personnel/I.T. and all appointed committees by the Select Board (not identified below): Town Administrator, Jessica Sizer, , 978-355-2504 ext. 101

Super-RAO Alternate #1: Town Administrator Admin. Asst., Sandra Hood , 978-355- 2504 ext. 134

Super-RAO-2: Town Clerk and RAO for all Elected Boards (not identified below): Town Clerk, Ellen Glidden, , 978-355-2504 ext. 5

Super-RAO Alternate #2: Assistant Town Clerk, Mary Ann Gendron, , 978-355- 2504 ext. 5

RAO for Veterans: Veteran Agent, Anthony Musnicki, 978-355-2504, ext. 126

RAO for Code Enforcement: Building Inspector, William Cantell or , 978-355-2504 ext. 109

RAO for Board of Health: Andrea Mastrototoro, , 978-355-2504 ext. 105

RAO for Treasurer/Collector: Treasurer/Collector, Jakob Voelker, , 978-355-2504 ext. 124

RAO for Accountant: Town Accountant, Jean Joel, , 978-355-2504 ext. 132

RAO for Assessors: Admin. Assessor, Jesse Warren, , 978-355-2504 ext. 103

RAO for Police Department: Police Chief, James Sabourin, , 978-355-5005

RAO for Fire Department/EMS/Emergency Management: Fire Chief, Robert Rogowski, , 978-355-5030

RAO for Council on Aging: COA Director, Eileen Clarkson, , 978-355-5004

RAO for Library: Library Director, Joseph Hood, , 978-355-2533

RAO for DPW (Highway, Water, Sewer, Parks & Commons: DPW Superintendent, Jason Pimental, , 978-355-5007/5013

RAO for Conservation, Planning Board, Zoning Board, South Barre Common Committee, Recreation Committee, Benevolent Funds Committee, Cultural Council: Boards Asst., Mary Ann Gendron, 978-355-2504 ext. 134

RAO for Cemetery: Administrative Secretary, Paula Bartkus, , 978-355-2504 ext. 122

RAO for Housing Authority: Housing Authority Director, Tammy Bibeau, Executive Director, 978-355-6643

RAO for Quabbin Regional School District: Superintendent of Schools, Dr. Sheila Muir, , 978-355-4668

RAO for Montachusett Vocational Technical School District: Superintendent of Schools, Thomas R. Browne, , 978-345- 9200