Frequently Asked Questions


DEEDS/PLANS - Can I get a copy of the deed and/or plot plan for my  property? 

Property deeds and recorded plot plans can be obtained directly from the  Worcester District Registry of Deeds website at 


OWNERSHIP CHANGED - I just bought property this year, why is the  prior owner still on the tax bill? 

Property tax assessments are billed for a given fiscal year with an effective  date of January 1 each year. This means that the owner as of January 1st  will appear on each of the quarterly tax bills for that particular fiscal year.  However, as the current owner, you should still pay the tax bill before the  due date to avoid interest from being added and a tax lien being placed on  the property. 


PAYMENTS - I have a question regarding the actual payment of  taxes, late fees, etc. who do I call? 

Call the Tax Collector’s Office at 978-355-2504 ext. 133. 


PROPERTY RECORD CARDS - Are the property record cards available  on-line? 

No, but you can email the office for a copy of the property record card that  you are seeking – see main webpage for available email addresses. 


VALUATION – I have a question regarding my valuation, who do I  call? 

Call the Assessor's Office at 978-355-2504 ext. 103/104.